Villa Fina

Angler House Marina provides you the opportunity to have a lodging experience that is as unique as your visit. If you are tired of the corporate hotels and want a keys-style experience on the water, come stay with us at one of our 3 floating Villas.
The Villa Fina, Sophia, and Sabrina are custom built 50 ft, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom houseboats with a full kitchen and sun deck. The Villas can be your escape from the large hotels in our quiet surroundings that compliment Angler House Marina. If you are an angler fishing with one of our guides, looking for accommodations for you and your boat, or want to have a unique getaway, we have it for you.
Come lay by the pool, do some paddle boarding, fish with one of our top backcountry guides, or have a cocktail at the Canoe Club after a day on the water. We truly have it all for you. Your stay at one of the Villas includes gated parking, ice machine, outdoor kitchen and ramp access. The minimum stay is 2 evenings.

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