Capt. Xavier Figueredo
About This Captain.

Captains Xavier Figueredo and Elizabeth Jolin provide custom charters for you and the entire family.  With them, you can pursue trophy fish in the near shore waters of the Florida Keys and Everglades National Park or they can create a combination trip where you will fish for fun, snorkel, eco-tour, and swim at the sandbar.  The fun-filled day of the possibilities is endless.

Whether it's trophy fish, lots of action, calm water, ocean or bay, they will accommodate your interests.  Few places in the world have such a diverse coastal ecosystem in such a small area, enabling everyone to pursue so many different species of fish and enjoy other water-based activities.

Capt. Xavier and Capt. Elizabeth have been providing custom fishing charters, guided tours, boating education, and water-based kid's summer camps in Islamorada since 2001 and are proud to call Angler House Marina their home port.