Capt. Raul Montoro
About This Captain.

After all these years on the water, the experience of fly fishing the azure flats of Islamorada still takes Capt Raul Montoro's breath away. Whether he is watching tarpon roll across the still surface of the waters in dawns gentle light or stalking bonefish as they glide across endless flats, Capt Raul's passion for fly fishing renews each day and grows stronger every year. Capt Raul says,"sharing the majesty of Islamorada back-country fishing brings me a sense of great reward-it is a humbling feeling of excitement, challenge, and thrill. In all honesty, I look forward to hearing the reel scream as much as my guest does".

Biscayne Bay, Florida Bay, and Islamorada are where Capt Raul learned to fish and where he has made his living as a professional fly fishing guide. Capt Raul says,"sharing the art of fly fishing with my guest anglers is what I do, day in and day out, but what really sets me apart from other guides is my dedication to providing a memorable, professional and thrilling saltwater angling experience. I want my guests to have the thrill and satisfaction that only shallow water fishing can deliver- to know the felling of triumph when a frisky bonefish, stubborn permit, or powerful snook slams the hook and tears off into the distance. At the end of the day, yes, its about the fishing, but it's also about the adventures and memories my guests take home with them".

Fly fishing affords a unique opportunity to connect with the toughest species South Florida waters have to offer in a truly "mano a mano" contest of skills and persistence. Aboard Capt Raul's 17' Dolphin Super Skiff he carries the finest saltwater fly fishing and spinning tackle in order to provide his guests with the equipment that can get the job done right without compromise.

Islamorada fishing has something for everyone. While he specializes in guiding seasoned fly fisherman to tournament winning catches, Capt Raul is a fisherman first and genuinely loves sharing the sport of saltwater fishing with visiting anglers who have never experienced it before. Capt Raul says," I enjoy teaching the art of fly fishing and saltwater angling as much as I enjoy guiding. Whether your goal may be to catch a specific species, or just to catch some great fish for dinner, rest assured my goal is to make sure you have an amazing trip. My priority is to ensure that our time together on the water is exciting, refreshing and above all else- memorable".

Whether you're fishing in saltwater for the very first time or ready for the shallow water angling challenge of a lifetime- come join Capt Raul Montoro for a back-country trip and let him show you Florida fishing at it's finest