Capt Luis Cortes
About This Captain.

Growing up as a young child in South Florida Luis's dad was an offshore guide so Luis was naturally led to where he is today. His passion for fishing started as soon as he was able to hold a rod. he grew up in Miami fishing offshore and would travel with his family to the Florida Keys almost every weekend which is where he now makes his home. Luis said the first time his father took him sight fishing as a child he was hooked to say the least. He couldn't get enough of the hunting aspect of sight fishing and still to this day it is his favorite way of catching fish. Luis said," I will never forget the first fly rod my Dad bought me. Him and I would spend hours in the back yard perfecting the cast.

As a fishing guide, Luis truly enjoys watching his clients pull on a fish that they only dreamt about catching. Luis says I love what I do for a living and know how important it is to show my clients the best possible time on the water whether it be a fly angler getting as many shots as possible at a stringing tarpon or a young child having his rod bent all day. Luis's passion fishing shows. Luis won the 2014 Herman Lucerne Tournament guide grand champion and team grand champion.

Captain Luis specializes in light tackle and fly fishing for Bonefish, Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Sharks, Trout, and many more.